Painting #7 - Calm within the Chaos

Painting #7 - Calm within the Chaos

Painting #7 - Calm within the Chaos
36"x 48"

In the intricate dance between chaos and serenity, "Calm within the Chaos" emerges as a testament to the untamed beauty that lies beneath the surface of controlled disorder. With a blank canvas as my blank slate, I embarked on a journey of expressive liberation. The initial stroke, a wash of ethereal hues, set the stage for a symphony of emotions to unfold. Using Turpenoid as my medium of choice, I relinquished control to the unpredictable dance of spontaneity.

In the alchemy of creation, my hands became conduits for the raw energy of the moment. Dipping brushes and rags into Turpenoid, I allowed the spirits of yellow and brown to intertwine, creating a visual poetry that defies traditional constraints. Amidst the seemingly chaotic strokes, a subtle order emerges, and the deliberate use of black outlines serves as a guiding force, a beacon of tranquility amidst the swirling storm of colors. "Calm within the Chaos" is not merely a painting; it is a meditation on the beauty that can be found in surrendering to the unpredictable currents of artistic intuition.

Please note this unique piece is not available for online purchase. For acquisition details, kindly reach out to me directly.

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